How to use Gmail as Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is the newest craze among the netizens now. Many Cloud Storage Services have sprouted recently offering from 2GB to Unlimited storage space, whether it is for free or for a fee. But before rushing to signup with those cloud storage providers, I feel we should take a look at our email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. to use as Cloud Storage. Gmail is offering more than 7GB of space in your account, while Yahoo is offering Unlimited space. But as Gmail is the most used email service, I deal with Gmail here. But How to use Gmail as cloud storage?

 Sign in to your Gmail Account. Press Compose button.

The resulting window will display your signed in email id in the “From” field. Type the same address in the “To” field also. You can add a subject. Then click “Attach File” and browse to your file and upload the file.



You can add multiple files just as you would in a normal email. Remember that the upload limit is 25MB.

Now Click “Send”.

Now you will find the email is received in your Inbox marked as “me” at the “From” field. Now save the email by starring or archiving it.


The documents are at your email id which is much safer than any cloud storage solution. Whenever you need them, simply download them from your Gmail Account !

A few tips to organise your files you want to store :

1. Use labels wisely: Use labels, nested labels and colours to sort and store easily. Please see pics below.







2. Add the category of the documents to the subject line so that you can apply labels and archive them easily. E.g.: If you are uploading family photos, you can write the subject as Cloud Store-Family Pics, Cloud Store-Fun Pics etc. while you send your email to yourself. Create Labels ‘Fun’, ‘family’ and archive them.

3. Use Google Docs to open files like pdf or MS Office formats. You can even edit them online and save them, ofcourse you know that ! -).

4. You can even upload audio or video files as well.

5. If you have large files, you can split them into chunks with a file splitter and upload them.

I think this is one of the best ways to keep your important files safe and secure.

There are rumours that Google will start its own Cloud Storage Service Google Drive with 5GB space very soon and that will be an additional space for you ‘coz Google uses one Account ID for all its services!

Want to know which storage service I use? Well, err.. I use DVD Disks ! That’s ‘coz, I am only an average joe who doesnt need to take many important files with me from place to place !

Well which Cloud Storage Service do you Use? Please respond in your comments.

Please read the Google TOS, Gmail Policy etc before you do anything before using the above described technique.

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