5 Best Sites for Android Apps & Games

Android is the most used Mobile OS after iOS and millions of new users are adopting it day by day. The strength of the Android OS is its applications.  You can get an app for every purpose.  Android Market is abound with millions of applications – free and paid – and games.  Apart from Market there are many other sites where the android apps are available.  I have compiled a 5 best sites to get best of the best apps.

1.  Appbrain.com : This site interface is neat and tidy.  This site has a menu with most used apps in specific countries.  That means you can see what apps are most used by the users of your country.  This facilitates downloading of apps that are geo-targeted and useful only in your country.  You can filter the apps based upon price, free or even apps that have app2sd support.

2.  Androidzoom.com : This site is also a very good place to download android apps and games.  The site loads fast and well organized.

3.  Androlib.com : This is another very good website for android apps and games.  Androlib.com has a forum to discuss apps and games.  This is an important feature of the site because the user has an opportunity to search forum for discussions of an app along with the comments and ratings before downloading an app.  This site has many sections like  Top of the Day, Wallpapers and News about the apps and games.  A Must See site for every andoid user.

4.  TopBestFreeApps.com : This site is more or less like an app blog.  Unlike other app sites, this site has articles about specific apps and games.  The site also features user contributed app and games.  Since the apps are tested tried, we have first hand review of the apps.  This gives us better perspective of the app before download.

5.  Freeware4Android.net : Last but not the least, freeware4android.net is a site where you can search apps based upon android version, device make and model as well.  This site is not so popular yet, but it has a very good collection of apps and games.  Once you start using the website, you will find new, popular and updated apps and games.

Well, these are just a few of many android app sites.  Do you have any website to suggest?  Please mention in your comment.

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